Quinn Cuts His Own Salary

Money going back to state, charity

Gov. Pat Quinn doesn't want all of his salary.

Quinn said Friday he intends to keep about $150,000 of the $177,000 salary. He'll give the rest away to the state, charities, not-for-profit groups and veterans relief efforts.

The Democratic governor said it's important to be a good leader in times of sacrifice.  (AIG executives take note).

During an event at a Chicago hospital to promote his budget, Quinn also said he would take the four unpaid furlough days he wants other state employees to take to save money.

Quinn has asked lawmakers to raise state income taxes to help close an $11.5 billion deficit.

With Friday as his 50th day in office, he reflected on his new job during an event in Chicago, calling it the "challenge of a lifetime in a crisis of a lifetime."

Earlier this week, Quinn proposed a budget that includes raising the Illinois income tax to help close an $11.5 billion deficit.

Quinn inherited the state's money troubles when formger Gov. Rod Blagojevich was impeached and removed from office on Jan. 29.
Opponents said they want more proof Quinn is cutting costs to save money before turning to higher taxes.

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