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Cook County Cracking Down on "Johns"

Sheriff warns men who are looking to buy sex.



    Cook County Cracking Down on "Johns"
    Tom Dart is hot on the trail of Chicago hookers.

    Call it a fair warning. 

    Cook county Sheriff Thomas J. Dart unveiled two new billboards on Mannheim Road near O’Hare Sunday, the Sun-Times reports

    The latest tool in the sheriff’s fight to stop prostitution read: “Chances are, the woman you are about to pick up works for us.
    Expect to pay $2,150” and “Dear John, if you’re here to solicit sex, it could cost you $2,150. We’re teaming up to bust you.” 

    More than 100 men looking to pay for sex have been cited under Cook County’s year-old Public Morals Ordinance; resulting in fines totaling nearly $50,000, according to the Sun-Times

    That money is funneled into the Department of Women’s Justice Services, a program that helps women leave a life of prostitution for a more stable one. The sheriff says his deputies will continue to crack down on these types of violations. 

    “This is not just a one-time sweep,” Dart told the paper.  “We’re waging a war on prostitution and want to make it incredibly difficult for every aspect of it to operate here.