Portillo's New Wedding Packages Feature Cheese Sauce Fountain, Photoshoot

Getting married is a pretty big "dill" to Portillo’s

Getting married is a pretty big "dill" to Portillo’s, which has added a wedding catering service to its menu.

The fast-food chain's wedding catering services include a pre-wedding "primp and prime" for the wedding party, a wedding kit complete with a heart-shaped chocolate cook and photoshoot sessions at Portillo’s locations in Illinois. 

Their new late-night wedding catering package includes Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian Beef sandwiches and a highly coveted Golden Cheese Sauce Fountain. 

Portillo’s offers nationwide shipping of its "Love at First Bite" kit created to satisfy 90 wedding guests at any hour. 

Customers are also able to book a two-hour professional engagement session at Portillo’s locations in Illinois.

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