Pope Breaks Pallium Tradition, Wants Celebrations at Home Instead

Chicagoans had been expected to attend that mass in Rome

Pope Francis plans to break a tradition in a decision that will ultimately impact Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich.

As a new "Metropolitan Archbishop," Cupich is scheduled to attend a Pallium ceremony in Rome on June 29, but the Pope wants to de-emphasize the Roman tradition, saying he wants the major celebration to take place at the home diocese.

There will still be a mass with the new Archbishops from across the world and Pope Francis. In fact, it will be the first time Cupich meets the Pope. The Pallium -- a cloth worn over his vestments, signifying he is a Metropolitan Archbishop -- will be given later back in Chicago.

The decision follows a practice Francis actually started himself. When he was given the Pallium as well as elevated to the College of Cardinals, he asked parishioners in Buenos Aires to donate to the poor rather than travel to Rome.

Chicagoans had been expected to attend that mass in Rome, but Pope Francis has made it clear he wants more parishioners to celebrate at the home diocese rather than travel for an expensive visit to Rome.

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