Police Warn of Thief Stealing From Cars While Owners Pump Gas

A suburban police department is warning residents about a new rash of burglaries at the gas pump that have been caught on camera.

Oak Lawn police said two recent burglaries have taken place in the area during the daytime hours where a burglar has taken items from victims’ cars while they pump gas.

According to an alert from authorities, the thief pulls his vehicle up next to a car as the owner pumps gas and steals items from inside the vehicle.

The vehicle is described as an older, gold Honda Accord with two doors, a sunroof and no front license plate. A dealer license plate was reported being on the back of the vehicle in several of the crimes. The same vehicle is believed to have been involved in similar incidents reported in surrounding suburbs, officials said.

The thief is described as a man between 25 to 35 years old, average height with an average build.

Police are encouraging residents to lock their vehicles when they are not able to watch it.

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