Pokemon Go Fest Gets Do-Over in Lincoln Park

After technical glitches and other snafus plagued the inaugural Pokemon Go Fest, organizers are giving it another go this year in a new venue.

The event, which will be held across Lincoln Park from July 14 to 15, will feature thousands of players of the popular mobile game, and organizers promise that this year will be a much better experience.

Last year, the festival in Grant Park turned ugly, as mobile outages and other issues prevented players from connecting to the game. A class action lawsuit was even filed by some players, who said that the organizers and Niantic, the company responsible for the game, didn’t do enough to ensure a smooth experience.

This year, the event will be stretched out over two days, and extra cell phone coverage will be made available by numerous carriers to help prevent problems.

Players are also encouraged to explore the rest of Chicago as well, with special incentives available for players.

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