Penguins Take Another ‘Field Trip' While Shedd Aquarium Stays Closed

This time, they came face-to-face with a beluga whale

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The Shedd Aquarium penguins went on another "field trip" Sunday, allowing them to see other animals throughout the museum.

Penguins Tilly and Carmen visited the aquarium's polar exhibit and came face-to-face with Kayavak the beluga, the Shedd said in a tweet.

Tilly and Carmen are both Magellanic penguins, making them temperate-weather birds that breed in South America, the aquarium said.

The Shedd Aquarium started sharing its animals taking "field trips" to other exhibits after it temporarily closed March 13 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the aquarium plans to stay closed through April 20, one Twitter user said she was "a little bummed" the animals would no longer take "field trips" but the Shedd said that would not be the case.

"These field trips are nothing new for the penguins at Shedd," the aquarium's Twitter replied. "They are familiar with many parts of the aquarium, we just haven't share them publicly before. Field trips like this will continue in the future for the penguins."

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