PACE Bus Plows Into Glenview Backyard

One minor injury reported

PACE bus 1

A PACE bus lost control Friday morning after a crash and plowed into the yard of a home in north suburban Glenview.

The bus veered off of Glenview Road and Spruce Street around 7 a.m. A thick row of bushes didn't slow the vehicle as it steered into the yard and came just feet of Peter Garvey's house.

Police said three vehicles -- a plow truck, the Pace bus and a car -- were involved in the incident.

The driver of the car told one of the homeowners that a Glenview Park district truck with a plow attached hit the Pace bus. The bus went over the curb and took down a huge hedge.

One passenger was on the bus at the time, and one minor injury was reported.

"It could have been worse," Garvey said.

He was inside with his wife and five boys when the accident happened. "It sounded like a tree was getting chopped down," he said

The truck slid down the street, also jumping the curb and hitting a brick home.

Sean Walsh was asleep on the couch, when the impact sent him flying to the floor.

His 5-year-old daughter, Mikayla, woke up to the commotion. "I was scared," she said. "I had butterflies in my stomach."

Fortunately, the plow that had been on the truck was knocked off in the collision. Otherwise, it could have hit the gas meter, just inches away from where the truck ended up.

Board-up crews were covering up the broken front window. Someone from the building department was also there inspecting for any structural damage.

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