Opinion: Gubernatorial Odds Making

Your Ward Room loves politics.  And he loves gambling, too.

Now that the race for governor has begun in earnest, with members of Gov. Pat Quinn’s own party stabbing him in the back, we’re inaugurating a feature called the Gubernatorial Oddsmaker.

On the fourth Friday of every month until the primary election, we’ll bring you our assessment of who’s leading in the race for governor. This is, of course, for entertainment purposes only.

(Odds add up to slightly more than 100 percent, to account for the vig.)

  • State Treasurer Dan Rutherford 5-2
  • U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock 3-1
  • Attorney General Lisa Madigan 7-2
  • Gov. Pat Quinn 9-2
  • Former Commerce Secretary Bill Daley 12-1
  • State Sen. Kirk Dillard 25-1
  • State Sen. Bill Brady 33-1
  • Businessman Bruce Rauner 100-1
  • Former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh 1,000-1
  • Any Republican: 8-11
  • Any Democrat: 7-5
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