Olympian Kendall Coyne Schofield Gives Back to Hometown Through Playground Project

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Olympic gold medalist Kendall Coyne Schofield and her husband, Bears offensive lineman Michael Schofield, are giving back to future generations through a new project - an inclusive park in the south suburbs.

Thanks to a generous contribution made by the couple's Schofield Family Foundation, the Kendall Coyne Dream Big Park recently opened in the same Palos Heights neighborhood where Kendall grew up.

"They have the opportunity just to be active, to have fun, and of course, the name of this park, to dream big," Kendall said, explaining what the park offers for children. "The moment they enter this park, hopefully they leave with a dream bigger than they came in. "

Both Kendall and Michael want children to have fun growing up, just as they did, long before their professional athlete careers.

" I was rollerblading, maybe he was throwing a football around – but we were at the park playing with our siblings, playing with our friends, just enjoying being active, enjoying being outside," Kendall said.

From the equipment to the smooth rubber floor, both Kendall and Michael ensured the park would be created for children of all abilities.

"You don’t want someone to not be able to go to the park because of their ability – you want this park to be for everyone and anyone," Michael said.

Kendall shared a similar message.

"The inclusion of the park – making sure it’s ADA accessible, making sure there’s sensory pieces of equipment for kids as well...I just hope that any kid who comes by this park knows that there’s something here for me, that this park is for me," she said.

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