Ohio Police Warn of Tampered Candy

An Ohio police department is warning parents about "very suspicious" candy that was passed out to trick-or-treaters Sunday.

The Wakeman Police Department posted on Facebook to warn parents after several people notified police of Lemonhead candies that appeared tampered-with.

"If you and your children have Lemonheads from trick or treating today please double check them," the posting said. "Please check all candy before letting anyone eat it!"

The reported candy had opened packaging and the candy itself was distorted.

Also on Sunday, a suburban Chicago police department warned parents after a suspicious item was found in a child's candy bag while trick-or-treating. 

A Beach Park family reported that a device used to prick fingers, commonly used to test blood and sugar levels, was placed in their child's bag while trick-or-treating, police said.

Lake County Sheriff Deputies located the item and canvassed numerous homes the family had visited during the night. Detectives said they are investigating whether or not the item was intentionally placed in the child's bag.

The Village of Beach Park issued a recorded phone message to the homes in the Cambridge subdivision, reminding parents to inspect the contents of their child's trick-or-treat bags.

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