Obama's Grant Park Rally Finally Paid Off

Democratic National Committee took time reviewing expenses

President Barack Obama's victory rally in Grant Park is finally paid off.

The Democratic National Committee has closed the books on the November event, to the tune of $1.74 million. The DNC had said last month that it was reviewing the bills before writing the check.

One million of that goes to the Chicago Police Department, which provided added security and ordered all officers on the force to work that day.

An additional $120,000 goes to the Office of Emergency Management.

Officials estimated that about 240,000 people gathered for Obama's victory celebration in Grant Park on Nov. 4, with Mayor Daley assuring city residents that the city was not paying for the party.

"What is this? He just won for president, and you say, 'He's not gonna pay his bills?'" Daley said last fall.

At last, the air is cleared on that matter.

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