Obama Makes Surprise Stop at Youth Class in Chicago

"Hey everybody," Obama said as he walked on stage to loud applause and a rush of cellphone photos

President Barack Obama dropped by unannounced Saturday at the first Obama Foundation Training Day in Chicago.

He surprised a group of more than 150 young leaders from across the city as they discussed issues they face in their lives and learned about how they can affect change in their community.

"Hey everybody," Obama said as he walked on stage in the auditorium.

His entrance was met by immediate applause and squeals of delight. The unsuspecting audience quickly pulled out their phones for photos, some of them jumping up and down in excitement as Obama stood smiling on stage.

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"The reason I wanted to come by is because this is the first of what we’re calling field days," he told the crowd. "When I left the White House, I thought to myself, 'What's the single thing I could do to be most impactful in the next phase of my life?'"

He then asked the group questions, coached them through scenarios and talked about making change.

All filmed on Facebook Live by the Obama Foundation, the surprise garnered more than 669,000 views as of Monday.

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