Obama Celebrates at Star Studded Party

Obama 2012

You know their names: 

Angela Basset, Wil.i.Am, Stevie Wonder, Mary J Blige, Ashley Judd. 

These are the celebrities that decided to ring in election with newly re-elected president Barack Obama in Chicago. 

Of course, the biggest celebrity in the room was Obama himself, who turned in a commanding electoral college victory on Tuesday to win a second term in the White House. 

Obama has always done well with hip celebrities. Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen helped him make his closing argument during the final days of the campaign.  Katy Perry sang during a final campaign event in Wisconsin. Earlier on election day he shot hoops with Scottie Pippen, and others. 

But on election night, the stars shined a little brighter. 

His wife Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia and his running mate Vice President Joe Biden, all celebrities in their own right,  were on stage as the president delivered his acceptance speech to an adoring crowd of Chicago voters. 

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