Obama: Beijing Is Just as Cold as Chicago

The current weather in Beijing is 32-degrees Fahrenheit

President Barack Obama, on his first ever trip to China, was thinking about sweet home Chicago.

But he wasn't having warm memories.

The president drew a chilly comparison between the Chinese capital of Beijing and his Illinois hometown.

"I have to say I didn't realize that Beijing gets as cold as my hometown of Chicago," the president said Tuesday just before sitting down for a one-on-one meeting with Wu Bangguo, chairman of China's Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

The current weather in Beijing is 32-degrees Fahrenheit, and it feels like 28-degrees, according to Weather.com. Chicago comes in at 46-degrees and it feels like 39.

The president made the mental note on a sight-seeing trip while overseas. Before arriving in Beijing, Obama had spent nearly an hour touring the Forbidden City's maze of red buildings and cobblestone courtyards. With snow dotting the roofs and patches of ice lining courtyards, Obama bundled up against the frigid weather in a sweater and brown shearling jacket. He kept his hands in his pockets to ward off the chill.

Built in the 1400s, the Forbidden City once was home to 24 Chinese emperors who ruled the country for nearly 500 years, between 1420 and 1911. The former imperial palace is now known as the Palace Museum, and is open to Beijing's visitors.

"It's a testament to the greatness of Chinese history," Obama said while on tour. He pronounced it "a magnificent place to visit" and said he wanted to come back with his wife, first lady Michelle Obama, and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Mrs. Obama did not accompany the president on the trip.

The visit, he said later, was a beautiful "reminder of the incredible traditions and heritage of the Chinese people."

Before leaving, Obama wrote at length in the VIP visitor's book. The White House did not immediately disclose what he wrote.

Obama's sightseeing was to continue Wednesday with a tour of the Great Wall.


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