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Oak Park Pigeons May Be Euthanized

Officials of Oak Park are considering the best methods to rid the city of pigeons before more flocks come in



    Oak Park Pigeons May Be Euthanized

    Oak Park officials are so aggravated by the surplus of pigeons in the downtown shopping district that they are looking for ways to remove them altogether.

    Mike Charley, Oak Park's environmental health supervisor, told the Chicago Tribune the town's goal is to euthanize the entire flock living under the viaduct that runs across Marion Street.

    Officials said the pigeons not only cause an appearance problem, but they also are a health problem as pigeon droppings can carry disease.

    Pigeons have reside in the Chicago area for years, so these issues are nothing new. In the past towns like Evanston, Winnetka and Naperville have used spikes and netting to control nesting in viaducts. In Oak Park, there apparently has been little success with fending off pigeon flocks under the train tracks.

    Killing the birds would cost an estimated $15,000, the Tribune reported.

    The issue is up for debate at Monday's village board meeting. The policy also would allow for the extermination of other birds like sparrows and starlings.