Oak Forest Cops To Single Out Unlocked Cars

Car unlocked? Oak Forest police want to send a message

Better lock up the next time you park in southwest suburban Oak Forest.

Starting this week, police plan to check vehicles for unlocked doors, open windows and valuables left in plain sight as part of the city's new Lock It or Lose It campaign aimed at preventing thefts.

Officers armed with inspection cards will check vehicles in parking lots and neighborhoods looking for drivers who left their vehicle susceptible to theft. Each vehicle will either get a message reminding them to comply or praising their good behavior.

“A vehicle with an unlocked door or an open window is an easy target,” Investigator Eric Wynn said in a statement. “It takes less than 30 seconds for a thief to steal a phone, laptop, tablet, or wallet from a car. We want to remind drivers to remove their valuables or at least keep them out of sight.”

Drivers of unlocked vehicles could find a message on their windshield reminding them to secure their vehicle. On the flip side, you could get a congratulatory note if your vehicle is locked and secured.

“Our primary objective is to create awareness,” Wynn said. “This type of crime can be
easily prevented if we all take 20 seconds to secure our vehicles.”

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