Northwest Side Residents Alarmed After Racist Letter Sent to Home

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Residents in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago are raising concerns about several recent incidents involving racist language and themes.

James and Amy Lane show their support for Black Lives Matter and a peaceful co-existence in the world by displaying signs in their yard and window.  But this week they received a letter in the mail addressed not to their names, but to “the liberals”.

They said the letter included a hate-filled message telling them to get rid of their signs.

“Norwood Park is not about this kind of behavior. We’re an inclusive community,” said James Lane.  “In spite of anything, we’ll all stand together and fight for whoever needs support.”

The Lanes said they will keep their signs, which also includes a sign showing support for the police.

Meanwhile, a family who lives in the nearby Union Ridge neighborhood of Norwood Park said they found flyers with white nationalist messages on their vehicles in March.

“You move over here and it’s like a nice, quiet neighborhood and things like that and you get that and it’s just, very concerning,” said Ray Reed.

Reed said he felt like he was targeted because no one else on the street received the flyers.

Reed said he filed a police report. 

The Lanes also filed a police report about the letter they received.

Aldermen Anthony Napolitano and Jim Gardiner represent the neighborhoods.

Napolitano told NBC 5 he had not heard about the incident with the flyers, but said police are investigating the letter and that the community does not stand for incidents like these.

Gardiner said the community shall continue to welcome and support everyone.

“Now more than ever, it is imperative we not allow ignorance to take center stage, and continue to focus on building a brighter future for our children and our community,” Gardiner said.

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