River North

New Video Released of Violent River North Security Guard Attack

The incident occurred around 2 a.m. near a condo complex in the River North neighborhood

New footage shows the moments before a River North security guard was brutally punched in the face Saturday. The guard says she now requires surgery after the violent attack.

In the shocking surveillance video, security guard Zoa Stigler is shown being punched in the face by an unknown assailant.

“He fractured a bone right below my eye,” Zoa Stigler, a guard at the Six30 condo complex, told NBC 5. “He punched me and threw his water bottle all at the same time. I was expecting the water, not a punch.”

According to Stigler, she found the unidentified man nearly passed out and vomiting in front of the complex around 2 a.m., and when she asked him and his friends to move along, he allegedly punched her in the face without warning.

 “He didn’t show any remorse. He didn’t say anything, and he just punched me,” she said.

Fortunately for Stigler, the condo complex that she works at just installed security cameras recently, citing an increase in foot traffic around the area’s bar scene.

Stigler still faces a long road to recovery, as doctors have advised her that she may need surgery for her injuries, which she say include a broken bone below her eye and a broken nose. She will also be off of work until her injuries heal.

“Unfortunately this neighborhood deals with these kinds of quality of life concerns on a pretty regular basis,” Ald. Brendan Reilly told NBC 5.

With a number of late-night bars in the area, the 42nd Ward’s alderman says he’s concerned with patrons in the area being overserved and will meet with the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing to map out a strategy.

“A liquor license is a privilege and when you abuse that privilege it gets taken away,” Reilly said.

A police report has been filed in the incident, and police are investigating the attack. A GoFundMe campaign has also been started to help Stigler in her recovery. 

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