New Hours Announced for Viral ‘Stranger Things' House in Suburban Plainfield

The family behind the Plainfield setup announced plans to reopen, despite an incident with a neighbor that nearly closed things down for good

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Looks like fans of the viral "Stranger Things" home in a Chicago suburb won't have to enter the Upside Down for another chance to check out the popular haunted display, despite an abrupt closure this week.

The family behind the Plainfield setup announced plans to reopen, despite an incident with a neighbor that nearly closed things down for good.

But when they reopen, things will be a little different.

The homeowners revealed there will be new hours for those who wish to visit with "lighting and special Fx" in full force, though the display will be visible all week long for those who can't make it during those windows.

"You can visit any day of the week, however the lighting and special Fx will be off to help all the neighbors and ourselves rest and decompress," the homeowners, Dave and Aurbey Appel, wrote on the HorrorProps Facebook page.

The official new hours are from 5-10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and 4-9 p.m. on Sundays. Halloween Monday will also run from 5-9 p.m.

Guests who come out for the home's first weekend back won't see the famed floating Max display, however, due to "expected high winds."

"The rest of the display is up including Max 2.0," the post read.

The home's visiting information can be found on the 2022 Chicago Haunt Builders List.

The owners of the suburban home revealed their "final verdict" Wednesday, announcing plans to reopen following a meeting at City Hall, where they discussed the future of the famed Halloween set.

"We're freaking doing this," homeowner Dave Appel said in a TikTok live surrounding the decision. "The support from everybody has been ridiculous. Everyone did all the legwork."

The closures initially stemmed from an issue with a neighbor, who the Appels said began "threatening families and patrons with a baseball bat" during their first weekend open last weekend.

The family wrote that their neighbor called police over safety concerns and the family ultimately shut down their setup early Sunday, planning to tear down the next day.

But thanks to the support from fans and other community members, they chose to continue their fight, which led to a safety meeting with Plainfield and Joliet officials.

"We've always come by and seen the display - I've never had a problem with it," said neighbor Nick Durna. "We think it's a really great thing they do. So this year, it's just a little strange it got out of hand."

The Appels said they had addressed their Halloween plans with neighbors to get permission before building their setup.

"We wanted to make sure it was OK because we sort of assumed that it was going to be a little bit busier this year than normal," Dave Appel said.

The family said safety is top-of-mind for them, stressing that visitors will need to be respectful of their property, as well as that of their neighbors.

Social media can’t get enough of the epic “Stranger Things”-themed décor spotted in the Chicago suburb.

The Appels spent months putting together this year's Halloween decorations, but when their TikTok showing a floating Max Mayfield in the middle of their driveway went viral, things changed.

The family started getting comments from Netflix, shout outs from the Stranger Things Writing Room and even call outs from "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon."

Their show-inspired display shows "Stranger Things" character Max Mayfield floating above their driveway, surrounded by various elements from the Upside Down. The setup not only perplexed fans who wished to learn how the couple achieved such a unique display, but also drew praise from fans of the hit show, which finished up its latest season over the summer.

Beyond that, the Appels also dedicated part of their Halloween setup to "pop culture horror" films.

"We don't just have 'Stranger Things.' We have killer clowns, pennywise, pet cemeteries, we have Alien, we have Predator... references," Dave Appel told NBC Chicago in an interview last week. "And the people can pick them out and call them out - that's amazing. So much fun... because we hide them. We love Easter eggs and horror movies and all that stuff. So our one side of our yard is all 'Stranger Things,' the other side is every pop culture horror film that we basically could fit in there that looks peaceful."

The Appels said they do their displays each year for the joy of those who come out.

"We do this for no money," Dave Appel said. "It's for free. It's just for kids. It's for adults who want to see something different, who want their walks to be, you know, more entertaining."

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