Homeless Man: Police Robbed Me

Naperville ordinance against camping downtown enforced on homeless man

The battle between the city of Naperville and its most famous homeless resident took a new twist on Friday, after Scott Huber had to retrieve his confiscated belongings from the police.

Huber, who has been staging a protest against Naperville’s city council for the past eight years, says police confiscated his property on Thursday night, including a generator used for electronic equipment, the Chicago Tribune reports.

"It was just an outright theft," Huber told the Tribune. He says he plans to file a complaint with the DuPage County state's attorney.

Huber said the police took his belongings while he was eating dinner at a fast-food restaurant, cutting the cable he used to lock his rickshaw to a bench inside a downtown parking garage.

The police had warned Huber a week earlier that he was in violation of a new city ordinance passed at the beginning of October, prohibiting anyone from sleeping, camping and stowing personal property downtown.

In addition, Huber was handed a formal complaint by the police with a summons to appear in court Dec. 17. If found guilty, the judge would make it mandatory for Huber to comply with the city ordinance. The penalty for reiterating the offense could cost the man some jail time.

Huber is protesting a long list of grievances, including the failure of his electronics business.

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