58 Percent Would Go Mouth-to-Snout

A new poll finds that only 20 percent are equipped with pet first aid kits

When Laurie Kay put her face over Benny the boxer's jowls last month and administered life-saving CPR she looked like a hero. It takes a brave individual to smooch up on a dog.

Turns out most people would do the same for their pet puppy or kitty.

More than half of pet owners -- 58 percent -- said they would be at least somewhat likely to perform CPR on an injured pet, according to an Associated Press-Petside.com poll.  More dog owners would volunteer their efforts than cat owners -- 63 percent to 53 percent -- and women are more likely than men to do it, 65 percent to 50 percent respectively.

It's a good thing so many people are willing to do it, too, because the poll makes it seem like America's pets are in constant danger.

To wit: 54 percent of pet owners polled do not have a fire evacuation plan for their pets and only 20 percent are equipped with a pet first aid kit.

Eleven percent have a pet that has been hit by a car; 25 percent give their animals table scraps, which is apparently a dangerous habit.

Petside.com details even more of the dangers that are putting your dog and cat at risk.

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