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These Are the Most Popular Toys in Each State, Study Finds

Get 'em while they're hot!

Racking your brain for the most-coveted toy this holiday season?

A new list not only looks at the most popular toys in the country but also the top toy in each state.

According to reviews.org, which looked to Google Trends to discover the most-searched toys on the platform, found the most popular in the United States to be Power Wheels, topping kids' lists in eight states.

"All that road-rage from Mom and Dad hasn’t stopped these kids from wanting their own sets of wheels," the site notes.

Fortnite action figures came in second as the most popular toy in five states, and perhaps surprisingly, the classic hula hoop also ranked high.

"Kudos to those kids who don’t need anything fancy to keep them entertained. Also, parents of those kids can rejoice: Christmas just got a lot easier on your wallet."

As for Illinois, Lego Friends is the toy of choice this season.

Now, go get 'em while they're hot!

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