Moo & Oink Heading to the Slaughterhouse

It's the end of an era for Chicago food shoppers. 

Moo & Oink, a Chicago grocer with roots that stretch back nearly 150 years in the area, may be shutting down its three stores in the city due to sagging sales, according to the Austin Weekly News.

Managing Partner Steven Nerger released a letter earlier this month indicating he's looking to liquidate the store's assets as soon as possible, and that the stores in the city will be run "for a limited period of time" while the business is being sold off.

It's unclear whether the fourth store in the south suburbs will be affected, as Nerger's letter doesn't reference that one specifically.

What is clear is that the economy has taken another victim: Moo & Oink has simply been losing lots of money. According to the letter, the company has $10.1 million in liabilities, but only assets of just $6.1 million as of June 7.

Looks like all the rest of us can do in the meantime is to keep on dancing.

Read the full article over at the Austin Weekly News

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