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Months After Massive Prospect Heights Blaze, Resident Still Recovering

Demolition continued Monday at the River Trails condo complex in Prospect Heights months after a massive fire.

Resident Margarita Rodrigues watched and remembered the fire that led to this demolition and the near destruction of her home.

Fellow resident Francisco Ruiz helped translate for Rodrigues.

“Due to this fire her family has had to split up some of them are living in one place and others are living in another place,” Ruiz said.

Back in July, four buildings at the condo complex had been heavily damaged by fire, leaving close to 100 families without a place to live--Including Ruiz, who has been fighting with her insurance company.

Inferno in Prospect Heights: Images Show Shocking Aftermath of Enormous Blaze

“She has been trying to get them to pay the rent, going back and forth, it’s been a struggle,” Ruiz said.

The demolition has come as welcomed news.

Residents of Ruiz’s building, which will not be demolished, could move back in by July. And residents of the three buildings being torn down could celebrate the holidays in their new condos.

But those affected by this fire still need help, and some of their fellow residents would like to the public to keep lending a helping hand.

"They need to buy new clothes for the winter," resident and board member Januz Stanowski said. "They need to rebuild life from scratch."

Prospect Heights River Trails Condominiums complex

You can make a donation to the River Trails Fire Victims Foundation to TCF Bank account 271972572 2771119669.

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