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Couple Sues Driver in Crash that Killed Baby, Two Friends

Driver was speeding in wrong lane with headlights off, attorney says



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    Joshua Molina Jr.

    Just three days after burying their 13-month-old son, a Chicago family filed a civil lawsuit against the driver who hit them as they drove home after a night with friends.

    "I want him to pay for what he did," said 21-year-old Amy Alanis as she wiped away tears.  "I want him in jail."

    Alanis, her 20-year-old boyfriend, Joshua Molina, their young son, Joshua Jr., and two family friends, Orlando Rodriguez and Aldo Maldonado, were westbound on Parker Street last Monday when they were broadsided by a Toyota Camry, said the family's attorney, Timothy Cavanagh.

    The driver of the Camry, Putiporn Kaewmooka, was fleeing the scene of an earlier hit-and-run accident near Belmont and Cicero avenues when he hit Molina's car, according to police reports.

    Miami Police Department

    "This is not just a case of negligence.  He was driving 80, 90 or 100 miles per hour, going southbound in the northbound lanes, with no headlights on," Cavanagh said.

    Cavanagh said he intends to go to court Tuesday morning to file an emergency motion to secure evidence in the case.  A car dealership at the intersection of Parker and Cicero captured the accident on tape.  The family would also like to know the results of the toxicology test taken by Kaewmooka.

    Rodriguez, Maldonado and young Josh Jr. were all killed.  Kaewmooka has not been charged criminally in the crash, but was issued traffic citations.

    Alanis and Molina both escaped the crash with minor injuries.  They say their favorite memory of their son was his toothy smile.

    "I had loved him dearly," Alanis said.  "I wish he was still here."