Mimi Marks Prepares for Final Chicago Performance

Mimi Marks has graced the stage of the Baton Show Lounge for 25 years, but on Sunday, the iconic performer will say “bon voyage.”

Marks was just 23 years old when she started performing at the Baton Show Lounge in River North. Now, with the Baton Club preparing to celebrate its 47th anniversary, Marks is preparing for her last show.

“I thought it would be just for fun,” Marks said of her early days performing.

But when she won the Miss Continental pageant two years later, she said she knew it would become her career.

Baton Club Owner Jim Flint said he knew early on Marks would be a great performer.

“I think this person has got talent and could go places,” he said. “And she just grew, and got more beautiful.”

Over the summer, Marks visited with her friend Candace Cayne, who was filmed with Caitlyn Jenner in Los Angeles.

There she met with Jenner, Laverne Cox and others at a screening for Jenner’s documentary series “I Am Cait.”

Marks credits that trip with giving her the idea to mentor transgendered youth.

“I realized what they were doing,” she said. “I can do this too.”
Marks will give her last performance at the Baton Club Sunday.

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