Michelle Is the Best Olympic Representative: Obama

"I'm in the middle of some very important decisions around health care," Obama said

She’s charmed the fashion world, wowed moms nationwide with her parenting skills and her popularity rating far outshines her husband's.

So, naturally, President Obama thinks his wife will have better luck convincing the International Olympic Committee to send the 2016 Summer Games to Chicago.

"Michelle's our best representative," Obama told Bloomberg News.

Patrick Ryan, Chicago’s 2016 bid Chairman agrees.

“She has a global image that is just tremendous,” Ryan said.

Michelle will travel with Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and, possibly, Oprah Winfrey – if she’s asked.

It’s becoming increasingly clear, however, that the president will not head to Copenhagen this October.

Touching on recent history, Bloomberg's reporter asked the president if he thought his absence would hurt the games. After all, Tony Blair’s appearance at the vote was instrumental in corralling the games for London in 2012.

"We are deeply invested in getting this done,” Obama told Goldman. “Michelle is definitely planning to go to Copenhagen, and she's, I think, the best Obama representative that we have.

"...I'm in the middle of some very important decisions around health care, the - are obviously still working on the issue of financial regulation. It may not be a time where I can just devote a couple of days to fly over there." Obama said.

Chicago is competing for the games with Rio, Madrid and Tokyo. According to Gamesbid.com Chicago is slightly behind Rio as a favorite.

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