Michael Glasder

Glasder Shares Mind-Blowing View Atop Ski Jump Hill

Ski jumpers are taking to the so-called “Large Hill” this weekend for the final jumping competition of the Winter Olympics, and one American jumper just gave us an up close look at what it’s like at the top of the hill.

That jumper, Cary-native Michael Glasder, posted a photo from the top of the hill on his Twitter feed, and if you’re afraid of heights, you may want to look away:

The tower, which Glasder calls the “UFO,” behind the hill is approximately 380 feet above the landing area, and it looks every bit of that from the top.

Ski jumpers looking to qualify for the final round had to travel approximately 400 feet from the take-off point to landing, and Glasder flew 124.5 meters (408.5 feet) on his qualifying jump Friday. 

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