Metra to Offer $100 Monthly Pass for Limited Time

Foto de archivo de tren Metra

Metra riders are in for a bit of financial relief this summer, as the train service announced it will offer a new $100 flat-rate monthly pass.

The pass will be part of a three-month pilot program starting in July and will be valid for unlimited travel throughout the Chicago area.

For eligible seniors, K-12 students and children, the "Super Saver" passes will cost $70, the company noted. All riders on the Metra Electric and Rock Island lines will also pay that reduced fare rate due to the Fair Transit South Cook Pilot.

The monthly passes will go on sale starting June 20, to start July 1.

“High gas prices already make Metra an affordable option versus driving, but this new monthly ‘Super Saver’ pass makes the choice even clearer," said Metra CEO Jim Derwinski.

Metra will still sell $6 day passes, which are valid for unlimited travel within one to three fare zones in a single day, as well as $10 day passes, which allow for systemwide trips.

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