Metra Board Approves Fare Hike

Officials increase 10-pack ticket price 11 percent

Prepare to pay a little more to ride the train early next year.

Metra's board approved a proposal Friday that changes the cost of buying 10 one-way tickets to the cost of 10 one-way tickets. Currently, customers get an extra ticket if they buy nine at once.

The price for the 10-pack tickets is will increase 11 percent, which comes out to anywhere between $2.75 to $9.25.

Officials believe the change would raise around $8.3 million, money that would be used for capital improvements. The fare hike is expected to affect around 25 percent of Metra riders.

The proposal comes on the heels of the largest fare increase in Metra's 27-year history earlier this year. One-way tickets were increased by an average of nearly 16 percent across all zones, 10-ride tickets saw a 30 percent increase and monthly passes were increased by about 29.5 percent.

That's why board member Jim LaBelle voted against it.

"You paid 30 percent more last year, now we're going to hit you again!" LaBelle said.

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