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Another Man Accused of Day Care Dog Fighting

Martez Anderson's cell phone had video of animal cruelty, police say



    Another Man Accused of Day Care Dog Fighting
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    Three men charged with felony dog fighting after the operation was discovered in a Maywood day care home are each being held on $500,000 bond, officials said Thursday.

    A third man was arrested when he showed up Thursday morning to a bond hearing for his two friends who were arrested a day earlier, accused of operating a dog fighting ring at a home day care center.

    Martez Anderson, 38, was originally cited with a misdemeanor, but the Cook County State's Attorney's Office later approved the upgraded charges, Sheriff Tom Dart said.  All three are charged with felony dog fighting and are being held on $500,000 bond.

    Anderson was arrested at the courthouse where his friends, Charles Sutton, 42, and Lance Webb, 27, were making their first court appearance.  Police said they found a video on Anderson's cell phone showing a man burning a live animal to death.

    A day earlier, Dart described an equally graphic scene: a dog with its eye ripped out, a dog with its leg twisted backward, and a dog with his penis bitten almost completely off.  Police said Thursday they believe the dog with its eye ripped out was used as a bait dog in the fights.

    Sutton's wife operated the day care home, but said she wasn't involved with the dog fighting.  Webb reportedly owned the dogs.

    There were 10 children being watched when police raided the home.

    At least nine of the dogs discovered at the house were puppies. In the garage were syringes, medication, bite sticks and harnesses used in dog fights.

    "These men thought nothing of engaging in brutally heinous acts," Dart said Thursday.

    The rescued dogs are currently being held at the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge.  The day care has been closed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.