Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Emanuel is Back in Hiding

After an emotional speech Wednesday, the Mayor's office has repeatedly told the press "there are no public events." But he's continuing to work the room, shaking hands and meeting with the public

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is back in hibernation. Sort of.

He delivered an emotional speech on police accountability Wednesday, then no public schedule has been released since.

Don't think for one minute he's not working the room, the city, the el stops. In fact, that's exactly what he's doing. Campaigning. He's back at the 95th Street el line-- shaking hands with voters, and attending meetings on the South and West Sides of Chicago, where they'll let him in.

Of course, his official City Hall photographer-- whose salary is paid for by Chicago taxpayers-- is along to capture the mayor's all-out mea culpa moments.

But the Chicago press corps is not notified of where those meetings are. The notice the media has received since Wednesday is "there are no public events," even though he's clearly meeting with the public. Perhaps he'd like to do his apology tour without a camera recording it all, so it is more genuine.

Or perhaps he doesn't want the media to show the rest of the city the reaction.

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