Maday Told Family He Could Escape Aging Guards

The two Cook County state's attorney's investigators who Robert Maday overpowered were 59 and 60 years old, says the Sun-Times.

One of those guards had transported Maday before, and Maday allegedly told a family member he could escape from them.

The 60-year-old investigator was once the bodyguard for former Cook County state’s attorney Dick Devine. He was in the backseat with Maday.

The other investigator is a 59-year-old former supervisor who had been demoted to investigator. He was driving, and there was no barrier between the front and back seat.

Despite being shackled at his hands and legs, Maday grabbed a handgun from the investigator sitting next to him. He then forced the second investigator to drive the car off I-90 and into a department store parking lot.

Maday threatened to kill the investigators and swapped his orange jail uniform with pants and shoes from one investigator. He handcuffed them both in their car and fled into the Meijer Store in Rolling Meadows.

Maday then allegedly carjacked another vehicle from the parking lot and made his getaway.

Maday was captured this morning after more than 24 hours on the lam.

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