Ex-Salon Owner Sentenced to 13 Years For Sex Assault

A former Chicago salon owner was sentenced to 13 years in prison Tuesday after being found guilty of criminal sexual assault and criminal sexual abuse.

Emotional testimony was given in court as several women accusing Marc Winner of rape spoke out--including the woman who led to his conviction in May.

Judge Carol Howard decided the sentence, the same judge that ruled in a bench trial that the former tanning salon owner was guilty of criminal sexual assault and criminal sexual abuse.

Winner faced up to a totally of 18 years in prison on the conviction.

Justine Bour, winner’s victim, spoke out after the conviction and also spoke again at the sentencing Tuesday. She read an emotional letter to him in court.

She told NBC 5 she was ecstatic with the sentence.

“I’m ecstatic about the 13 years," she said. "I’m really, really happy about the sentence."

She also said she would love an apology from Winner.

"I know I’ll never get one, but it would mean a lot," she said.

Winner was asked if he wanted to speak and said that he was advised not to say anything because of a separate pending case.

He had three other sex assault cases pending, but two of those are going to be dropped after the testimony was allowed in Tuesday’s sentencing.

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