Man Caught on Camera Riding on Top of CTA Bus in Chicago

“He then saw the bus pull up, said ‘F--- it,’ then climbed up top,” a witness said

A man was caught on camera Wednesday afternoon riding on top of a Chicago Transit Authority bus while smoking a cigarette.

Lloyd Anthony Peters, who filmed the unexpected occurrence and posted the footage to social media, told NBC 5 he was near the CTA stop at Fullerton and Sheffield when a man asked him for a cigarette.

“I gave him one,” Peters said.

Then the men asked Peters if he could use his Ventra card to get the man on the no. 74 Fullerton bus heading westbound.

“I couldn't because I currently have a broken leg and I'm in a cast,” Peters said, adding that he told the man crossing the street would be a hassle for him at the time.

The pair continued talking and the bus pulled up to the stop.

“He then saw the bus pull up, said ‘F--- it,’ then climbed up top,” Peters said. “Lit the cigarette, and rode westbound without a care in the world. He was incredibly athletic to get up there so fast and without any issues.”

The video has been viewed more than 52,000 times on Facebook.

The CTA said it was aware of the incident and was working with Chicago police. 

"This kind of behavior is extremely foolish and dangerous not just to the person involved, but other passengers as well," the CTA said in a statement.

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