11-Year-Old Girl Makes Takeout Pledge to Help Wilmette Restaurants During Pandemic

A local 5th grader, thanks to a school assignment, was inspired to make a difference in her own community

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Restaurants in Wilmette may be closed for indoor dining due to the pandemic, but blue flyers hanging on their front windows are encouraging locals to "Take The Pledge" and support them by ordering out.

That pledge, is part of a campaign launched by 11-year-old Gabby White- a local 5th grader who, thanks to a school assignment, was inspired to make a difference in her own community.

"It’s really hard to run a restaurant especially during this time and I really wanted to help to make sure that they stay around for a long time," said Gabby. "Taking the pledge on our website means ordering take out once or twice a week."

The campaign is called "Wilmette Orders Out." Gabby's dad helped her develop the website, but she did all the research. She put together a list of restaurants to support and even met with restaurant owners to get feedback.

"People say they’re discovering restaurants they had even thought of before because of her campaign," said Brad White, Gabby's dad. "It’s been great to see feedback from restaurants. The village of Wilmette are also doing their own efforts to help support her campaign."

The campaign also encourages people to order directly from the food establishment, rather than using a third-party application. Gabby wants to make sure restaurants receive a larger profit.

And while her mission is still in its early stages, Gabby hopes it inspires other children to make an impact in their communities. Her family, could not be more proud.

"It’s been amazing to watch her at 11-years-old to say yes, I’m going to take time away from what I normally want to be doing and spend the time going out and helping other people," said Gabby's dad.

You can check out the "Wilmette Orders Out" campaign here.

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