Lovie Smith Would Give Mike Vick A Shot

Coach says Vick is "like every other prospect that's available"

Another day, another possible quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

While Jerry Angelo finally decided to pick up a phone and at least call the Denver Broncos to ask about the disgruntled Jay Cutler, odds are that no matter how badly Bears fans would like Cutler in Chicago, or how badly Cutler would like to be here himself, it's not going to happen. 

You can't go into a Mercedes-Benz dealership and expect them to take your 1989 Ford Escort as an even trade-in.

Of course, there is another quarterback out there who may become available to NFL teams in the very near future.  Michael Vick will be getting out of prison soon, and in a USA Today article on Thursday, Jarrett Bell discussed with commissioner Roger Goodell what Vick will have to do to be allowed to play in the NFL in 2009.

Of more interest to Bears fans, however, was a quote at the very end of the article.  It came from none other than Lovie Smith, who was asked about how he views Vick as a football player, and whether he'd want him on his team.

"I would look at Michael like I look at every other prospect that's available: He goes back into the pool," Smith said. "That's what everyone in society does. Martha Stewart went to prison. She paid her time. Now she's back in society.

"Mike made a mistake, and he's paying the price for that mistake. Once you've paid your debt to society, you have to say, 'OK, let's go on from there.' "

What Smith wouldn't confirm or deny in the story though was whether the place Vick would go on to from there would be Chicago.  It's doubtful that the Bears would take a chance on Vick at this point, especially with a possible suspension looming over his head, but the fact that Smith didn't deny it means that people are going to be jumping on this idea in the coming days.

At the rate things are going with Bears and possible quarterbacks, it's only a matter of days before somebody reports that their sources are telling them Jim McMahon is ready to come out of retirement and return to the Bears.  Sadly, this would probably excite the masses.

Such is the state of the quarterback position in Chicago.

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