Look for Fairy Float in S.S. Irish Parade

Doctor's Shot Fairy to make appearance on South Western Avenue

It's not likely there will be many obvious fairies at the South Side Irish Parade this Sunday --- leprechans, yes; fairies, no -- but if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll get a glimpse of at least one.

Hosted by Dr. Scott Hanlon and his family, the Shot Fairy will be on a float promoting the doctor's new business.

The family physician will launch the Shot Fairy, a concept inspired by The Tooth Fairy --- a friendly fairy who slips into a child's bedroom as she sleeps to exchange a lost tooth for money (I always got a quarter, but I understand hard currency has replaced chump change in modern times).

Hanlon's fairy will come into children's homes when they're sleeping and give them shots. In return, the sleeping child will be left with a vague memory and a treat.

"It's a gentle approach," the Southtown Star quoted Hanlon as saying. 

The doctor, who turns 40 on St. Patrick's Day, says he knows the concept works because he's tested the shot fairy idea on his three sons: Max. 6; Brody, 5, and Cayden, 3.

"It works like a charm," he said.

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