Local Firefighters Give “Chicago Fire” a Thumbs Up

New NBC show modeled after Near West Side firehouse

It's widely believed that most cops hate to watch cop shows, lawyers hate to watch legal dramas and doctors want no part of medical programs because of their lack of authenticity.

So how does NBC's new show "Chicago Fire" stand up under the heat of scrutiny? Pretty well, according to the local firefighters we spoke with.

Show producers held a special screening last week for local fire personnel to get the first look at the drama.

"It was very realistic. It portrays what firefighters do in a good light and what our work is all about," firefighter David Gates said.

"It's pretty impressive the lengths they went to get it right," CFD's Kevin MacGregor said.

The firehouse featured on the show is Engine House 18 on the city's Near West Side. The film crew shoots there on a regular basis and the TV set is an exact replica of the firehouse.

Members of the show's cast also trained with the firefighters and experienced what it's like to walk into a smoky building, climb a ladder and even participate in a rescue.

"I think it's to the T. It's everything that we do do, via the firehouse and the street, it's exactly how we do operate," CFD firefighter Mike Doherty said.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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