Still Looking For Lisa

Investigators say new information doesn't crack open the case

Lisa Stebic has been missing for almost two years. The 38-year-old suburban mom disappeared without a trace on April 30, 2007. 

Hundreds of people and thousands of hours have gone into the search to find her, but so far there's nothing.

Now, authorities say they have uncovered new developments in the case, according to the Will County State's Attorney's Office, but they aren't ready to make public those findings.

A spokesman for the Will County State's Attorney, Charles Pelkie said he could not say specifically what the developments are, but they came about within the last few months.

"While these developments haven't cracked open the case, they have shed additional light on what happened to Lisa Stebic," Pelkie said.

He added that the investigation, headed by the Plainfield Police Department, is ongoing, and that the Stebic case has been the focus of a grand jury investigation.

Melanie Greenberg, the spokesperson for Lisa Stebic's family, called the new developments "encouraging," saying investigators have uncovered on of the many missing puzzle pieces of what happened on the day Stebic disappeared. Greenberg said it shows that the case has not gone cold.

Lisa's husband, Craig Stebic, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in connection with Lisa's disappearance, but he has been named by police as "a person of interest" in the investigation.

The couple was in the process of a messy divorcing when Lisa vanished.

Plainfield Police Chief Don Bennett said the case is still active, but that investigators have not received any new tips in some time.

"If anyone has any new information, they can call us and we'll follow up on it," Bennett said.

Lisa's family is hoping area residents will help boost awareness of Lisa's case.

"America's Most Wanted" featured a segment on the search for Lisa last fall. Her family worked tirelessly to keep the investigation in the headlines and in the minds of the public.  They have created vehicle magnets decorated with Lisa's photo, the police tip line, family Web site and the $75,000 reward for information on Lisa's whereabouts. They are selling the magnets for $10 via e-mail (

Anyone with information about Lisa Stebic's case is asked to call the Plainfield Police Department at 815-267-7217 or Will County Crime Stoppers at 800-323-6734.

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