Cabbie Nabs Pickpocket in Drag With Bear Hug

They say you should never hit a lady, but you can definitely bearhug a man dressed like one.

When cab driver Abdinasir Kahin saw two people beating a third man with a length of chain in Lakeview early Wednesday morning,  he jumped out of his car to intervene. He ended up bear hugging a dude dressed like a lady until police arrived.

The two assailants -- one of whom was dressed as a woman, wearing make-up and carrying a purse -- allegedly stole the third man's wallet near the Belmont Red Line stop at about 4:40 a.m.  The victim, noticing his wallet was gone, gave chase.  When he caught up, the apparent thieves, ages 17 and 18 years, began beating him with a chain.

That's when Kahin, who was driving west down Fletcher Street, came upon them.  The teens ran in separate directions, but police on routine patrol nabbed one while Kahin jumped out of his car and held onto the other until police could make an arrest.

"It took me by surprise a little bit because that was the way I was suppose to use and I couldn't move, so I stopped and, you know, I took a break to see what I can do, and immediately the police officers emerged," said Kahin.

The attack came in the midst of a series of attacks on men, walking alone, in Lincoln Park and Lakeview within the last week.  While police say some of the attacks are related, they don't believe the two arrested Wednesday morning are connected to the muggings.

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