Kyle Long, Dwyane Wade Defend Lebron James After Laura Ingraham Comments

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Chicago Bears lineman Kyle Long is firing back after a television host told LeBron James to stay out of the political arena.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham caused controversy on Thursday after she told James to “shut up and dribble,” and to leave political comments to “people who didn’t leave high school a year early.”

Long responded to Ingraham’s comments on Twitter:

“Have known about LeBron. Just learning about this lady. She sucks,” he said.

Long wasn’t done, retweeting several tweets from his brother Chris that criticized Fox News for their alleged hypocrisy in featuring athletes and actors speaking about politics while telling James to sit out from the political sphere.

Former Chicago Bulls guard and Chicago-native Dwyane Wade also defended James, saying that President Donald Trump has enabled people to “live their truths:”

Several users went after Long for his comments, and he responded to their critiques:

Long has generally been less outspoken politically than his brother, but has weighed in on controversial issues in the past, including the Charlottesville protests that took place in his hometown. 

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