Key to Bulls Championship? Brandon Marshall

The answer to the Chicago Bulls quest for a title may be closer than they think. At least according to Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Marshall took an advantage of a day off to sit on a Chicago Ideas Week panel with Bulls COO Michael Reinsdorf and Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts.

The moderator asked Reinsdorf how close the Bulls are to bringing home another NBA championship and Marshall took advantage of Reinsdorf's hesitation to jump in.

"They're a Brandon Marshall away," Marshall chimed in. "Listen, I'm telling the guy, just sign me, and I'll be able to, you know... that's all you gotta do."

Could he be on to something? Marshall lettered in basketball in high school, and was a Florida state champion in the triple jump, although all you have to do is look at the endzone highlights to see he's got hops.

For the record, Reinsdorf eventually got around to answering the question, and said the only thing holding the Bulls back from contending for a title is the health of their players.

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