O'Hare Airport

Kelly Clarkson Chats With Chicago Hero Who Stopped Out-of-Control O'Hare Beverage Cart

"I never stopped for a second to think 'what was I going to do?'" Jorge Manalang told Kelly Clarkson about the incident at O'Hare Airport

Jorge Manalang saved the day earlier this month by stopping an out-of-control beverage cart at O'Hare Airport, and this week he told the tale on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Manalang, an Envoy ramp instructor, told Clarkson his first thought was how to stop the cart that was spinning wildly in reverse after a case of water slipped onto the gas pedal. 

"I never stopped for a second to think 'what was I going to do?'" Manalang said.

The wild moment was captured on viral video seen by hundreds of thousands on social media.

The cart narrowly missed numerous employees standing in the area before Manalang "jumped onto a push-back tug and intercepted the cart at just the right moment, flipping it over and out of harm's way."

Clarkson asked Manalang how much fun it was to "bash" the rogue beverage cart with his vehicle. 

"I traveled real fast, and then on the last turn I thought to myself, 'you’re mine,'" he said. 

Afterwards he swept up the area making sure no debris was left behind. He added that the nearby Embraer 140 aircraft was only delayed 10 minutes.

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