Police Search for Rising Soccer Star's Killer

Kabiru Adewunmi had the talent to be a future Division 1 soccer player and likely could have been a future pro, the teen's youth coach said Friday.

But that dream will never be realized.

Friends said Adewunmi was with five other boys, all soccer teammates from their native Nigeria, walking home from a convenience store in the Chatham neighborhood last Friday.

Their night celebrating the Bulls' playoff victory against the Indiana Pacers would end with Adewunmi pronounced dead at Jackson Park Hospital.
According to police, a car pulled up to the teens as they walked home in the 800 block of East 82nd Street.  Someone inside the car asked, 'Are you the Nigerian soccer players?'

They answered that they were and the person in the car opened fire.  Adewunmi was hit multiple times.

The death of the Amundsen High School sophomore ripped a hole in the team and cut short the life of a young man with a bright future.

"Every time he was on the field, there were a lot of college coaches following his play, and after that calling me and asking me for more information," said Sole Antonijevic, the coach of the CFJ North club.

Police said they don't yet know what motivated the shooting.  Those who knew Adewunmi said he wasn't involved in gangs.

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