‘It's Real': Former Top Cop's Mayoral Exploratory Committee Confirmed

When word first surfaced last week that papers were filed for a exploratory committee for former Chicago police Supt. Garry McCarthy for a 2019 mayoral campaign, there were questions if the filings were real.

McCarthy, as well as those who filed the papers, did not respond to questions.

However, Monday night Brian McCormack, the president of the McCarthy campaign fund, tells NBC 5 "it's real" and he's receiving financial commitments from McCarthy supporters.

McCormack hopes to begin deposit those first contributions into McCarthy's campaign fund this week. McCormack, says McCarthy told him he wants answers to two questions: can he raise enough money and show the former top cop a path to win?

McCormack, is new to politics, but a lifelong Chicagoan. He lives in the far Northwest Side Wildwood neighborhood.

He says he believes voters are looking for a fresh voice and his next step is to take a deep diving into polling.

Peter Giangreco, a spokesman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel's 2019 campaign, was unimpressed.

"After five days, Garry has one from zero public supporters to one public supporter," he said. 

Giangreco says he thinks McCarthy's shop is asking the wrong question.

"It isn't whether you can raise the money to run a race," he said. "The question is what are you going to do to give our kids a good education, how can you improve city finances and how will you continue to reform the police department. If you're not prepared to answer those questions, you're not prepared to run for mayor."

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