Is Aaron Schock Looking for a Job in Chicago?

"Instagram star" may be off the table, but it's possible the former representative is courting something else on the job market

A lawyer whose client is suing Aaron Schock may not know where the former representative is, but the disgraced Schock is not hiding. He's just looking for a new job, maybe in Chicago. 

A friend of Schock's told Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times that the former representative was in Chicago recently on the hunt for a job.

What kind of job is Schock looking for? Maybe sales, banking or international trade, Sweet says.

It seems "Instagram star" is off the table after Schock made his account private in March following his resignation, but perhaps there's another place for the "Capitol Hill Hottie" in the job market.

While Schock tries to start anew, his past continues to follow him in the court system. On Wednesday, a grand jury took testimony as part of a federal investigation into his expenses.

Schock resigned about a month and a half ago following months of media reports about his lavish office and political spending, including trips on donors' aircraft, office decorations in the style of "Downton Abbey" and concert tickets for his interns.

A past donor to Schock's campaign, who gave the ex-Congressman $500, has also sued him for reimbursement following his resignation.

Now that Schock is out of office, it's not always clear where he is or what he's doing, but it's likely that Illinois hasn't seen the last of him.

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