Indictment in “Massive Racketeering Conspiracy” Looms for Blago

Collins believes indictment coming Thursday

The man who prosecuted former Gov. George Ryan said he believes a massive federal indictment is just days away for Ryan's successor -- Rod Blagojevich.

Patrick Collins made the statement today as the Illinois Reform Commission laid out proposals aimed at curbing pay-to-play politics in Illinois.

Collins, who said he has not spoke to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerlad, believes the indictment could come as early as Thursday when a federal grand jury meets.

"I just believe it is going to be a massive racketeering conspiracy. I don't know who's going to be in it, but I think it's going to talk about a wide ranging pay-to-play scheme from basically the minute Governor Blagojevich walked in the door," Collins said.

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