Indiana Reports 64 Residents Have Died During This Flu Season

At least 34 of those residents were 65 or older, according to a weekly report

Flu Vaccine Being injected into a woman's arm.
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According to a weekly report issued by the Indiana State Department of Health, at least 64 people have died as a result of “influenza-like illnesses” in the state so far this flu season.

The report, issued Friday, indicates that a majority of those deaths, 34 in all, were reported among Indiana residents aged 65 and older.

The report also includes data on flu outbreaks reported at Indiana schools and senior living facilities, with 20 outbreaks reported at long-term care facilities and five reported in Indiana schools.

The numbers come as the CDC continues to cope with what has been a busy flu season in the U.S. According to the agency, 47 of the 50 states have “widespread” influenza activity, including Illinois and Indiana.

A total of 44 states reported high activity levels of “Influence-Like Illness” in the last week of available data, including Illinois and Indiana.

According to Indiana health officials, more than 110 people died from influenza-like illnesses during the 2018-19 flu season.

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